Send all creatives to ad@nettavisen.no. Remember to write the name of the client and the time of its publication ( campaign start) .


Top and Wallpaper:

Pixel size: 1920 × 1000
Wallpaper format consists of a single image with a width of minimum 1920 px , to ensure that it fills out most screen resolutions. For the page not to become too heavy to load (which gives a poorer userexperience ) , you must set the background (1000 × 700) - which remains behind the actual content of the website - to white ( #FFFFFF ) . The same applies whether to use flash in the top - then you have 1000 × 300 area in the top of the wallpaper -also to be set to white ( the field behind the flash banner ) . File type: GIF / JPG / HTML5 / FLASH ( 1000 × 300 ) Maximum File Size : 145 KB ( overall )


To produce a wallpaper ad for Nettavisen it is nice to know what the visibility of the content of the ad actually is compared to various screen resolutions. At the same time you must also take into account that some of the width and height of the screen will be "eaten up" by the scroll bar and menus.

Look at the examples underneath for a graphical overview of what screen resolutions most of our readers are using and within what format you should add the main message. This means that if you want to reach out to almost all readers, you must add all important message and buttons within 1400 pxl width and 700 px height.

1. Examples that works

As you can see on the examples above, the important info is added within the range of 1400 × 700 px. The remaining users will still experience the advert as more dominant because of the background image that extends over the entire screen. 

3. Example that doesn't work

As you can see on the example above, too much of the essential information is placed far beyond what most of our users see. Only 27% will see all of the text and button on the sides.

Download a template of wallpaper ad as a JPG by right-clicking on the image you find here



Note: The size limitation is on the initial load. You can lazy load additional content, but for the first rendering this is the limit.


Default styling of Banner

CSS rules can only be set to classes or IDs. You can not set rules directly to elements like span or div.